Why Does My Thread Keep Breaking While I Sew?

One common problem people experience with their sewing machine is that the thread keeps breaking while they sew. If you are having this same problem, consider the following common problems.

  • Your Sewing Machine Is Threaded Incorrectly: If your thread cannot move smoothly through your machine, it will most likely break. This is because it can get snagged on moving parts or be pulled too tightly. Make sure that your sewing machine is threaded correctly and that the thread is going through the tension rings properly. Also, make sure the thread can freely move on the spool pin.
  • Your Needle Is Damaged: If you’ve been sewing over pins or you haven’t changed your needle in a while, it may be damaged. Over time, your needle becomes dull, and it can bend when you sew over things you are not supposed to. This can cause your thread to break because the needle could get snagged and pull the thread too tightly. Try changing your needle to see if it fixes the problem.
  • You’re Using the Wrong Type of Needle: Just like your needle can snag if it is damaged, the same thing can happen if you are using the wrong type of needle. Use ballpoint needles for knit fabric and sharp needles for most other types of fabric to avoid snagging and thread breakage.
  • Your Top Tension Is Off: If the tension on your machine is too tight, the thread can break when you try to sew because it will experience too much force. You shouldn’t mess with your tension too much unless you know what you are doing because it can cause a lot of sewing problems. If your tension has been bumped, you might be able to fix it with some adjustments.
  • Your Thread Is Old or Poor Quality: All threads are not created equal — some are naturally stronger than others. When you are picking out thread for a sewing project, make sure to get a high-quality thread to make sure it will not break as you sew. Plus, some types of fabric need to have a thicker thread.

If none of these situations seem to be your problem, it may be time to take your sewing machine in for a tuneup. Make sure to ask your sewing machine repair representative to reset the tension on your machine, since this is a tricky thing to adjust on your own.

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    Before reading this article, sewing zip seemed very hard to me but now after reading this article it is easy for me to sew zips.
    Thanks for making me alert. I will be aware about these.

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