Use this Cheap Alternative to Quilt Batting: Fleece

The most expensive part of sewing a quilt is purchasing the batting. It can easily run upwards of $20 for the batting alone. With this cost in mind, it hardly makes sense to quilt anymore when you can purchase a premade quilt for less than your quilting supplies, even when using coupons. Of course, there are alternatives to using traditional batting.

People have been using flannel, felt, and other heat-retaining fabrics inside quilts for years. Most of these fabrics, however, don’t provide the same plush feeling as batting — they are either too thin or not flexible enough. However, one good alternative fabric for quilt batting is fleece.

Fleece is a lot cheaper than traditional batting, and you can use it for the inside of your quilts. It closely resembles the feel of traditional quilt batting, and most people can’t tell the difference when it is used, unless they are looking closely at your workmanship (by the way, nobody does that). Plus, fleece offers better benefits than polyester batting. It is light-weight, warm, and even more durable than most quilt batting because it does not shift and breakdown as quickly when washed. It is also easier to work with fleece than quilt batting because it does not separate like the fibers in typical polyester batting.

Do you have any other suggestions for saving money on batting for your quilts? Leave a comment below.