Getting Color Inspiration for Scrapbook Pages

If you’re like most scrapbookers, you have tons of paper and other scrapbook supplies at your fingertips. That doesn’t make it any easier to choose a theme for a page you are working on. There are a variety of techniques, however, that are useful in picking out a color scheme for a scrapbook page. Let me show you how to get inspiration from your photos.

Use Contrasting Colors for Scrapbook Pages

When trying to make one element stand out on a scrapbook page, a good idea is to use pieces of paper that are in contrast to the colors in your photographs. For instance, if there are photographs of people playing in the snow, placing them on black paper, or very dark colors, would make the snow stand out. There are many different situations in which this technique could really enhance the appearance of a scrapbook page. Black and white color contrasts are some of the easiest to experiment with.

Play off Personality in Photographs

Another great color inspiration for a scrapbook page is to look at the personality of the person in the photograph. If they are a bubbly, happy person, use bright colors, like yellow and orange. If you have photographs of a serious person, then choose grays and blues to highlight that trait. Using a person’s favorite color can also tell more about a person. For instance, if a little girl loves pink, it would be the natural choice for a scrapbook page about her.

Let Clothing Inspire Scrapbook Color Choices

The clothing that people are wearing in photographs can be a great inspiration for scrapbook page color themes, especially if there are only a couple of different colors. For instance, if you have a photo of a person wearing red and black, then red and black are great color choices for the scrapbook page.

Let the Location or Setting Inspire the Scrapbook Color Theme

One of the most common techniques for choosing a scrapbook page color theme is to draw inspiration from the location or setting in the photos. Many activities and holidays have associated colors that make them the natural choice for a scrapbook page theme, too.

The following are a few ideas for location/setting-based themes:

  • Photos that were taken outdoors on the grass look good with green paper.
  • Photos that were taken in the fall around a lot of leaves look good with brown, yellow, and orange paper.
  • Christmas photos always look good with red and green paper because they are colors associated Christmas.
  • Outdoor scenes with water in the background, like standing in front of a waterfall, look good with grays and blues.

Focus on One Item in a Photograph

Another technique is to choose one item in a photograph to focus on and choose scrapbook paper that will make it stand out. This is one of the more creative techniques that has become available because of photo editing software. There is a Photoshop technique that can turn a photograph black and white, while leaving one element in color. This can really make an item stand out. Some people like to apply this technique to items such as flowers, shoes, or eyes. Focus in on one object in a photograph and design a page around it. It will yield great results.

Do you have any other suggestions for choosing a scrapbook page theme based on the color in photographs? Leave a comment below.