Sew Authentic “Sound of Music” Dresses with Edelweiss Patterns

While doing research for my article on Disney Movies with sewing scenes, I came across a website that sells sewing patterns for dresses seen in the movie, “The Sound of Music.” I thought they were quite lovely and worth a share on my website. You can see the patterns up close on their website: Edelweiss Patterns.

There are two patterns in particular that I like — Liesl’s Party Dress and Liesl’s Dancing Dress. They were designed as costumes, but I think they’d make pretty evening dresses, too.

Liesl’s Party Dress

Liesl’s Party Dress from Edelweiss Patterns

The pattern for Liesl’s Party Dress was inspired by the gown Liesl wore to her father’s party where the children sang the song, So Long, Farewell.

Liesl’s Party Dress has a gathered skirt that falls just below the knees and the sleeves are short with a puffed portion on the bottom. The bodice is fitted with the option of pearl beading for more detail, with sheer material around the collar. A yellow sash around the waist completes this dress, with ties hanging down from the bow. The dress on the cover of the pattern is white, so the yellow sash helps add a little color.

I love the sheer material around the collar because you don’t see that in dresses very often anymore. Plus, it is still modest because the sheer part doesn’t go too low.

Liesl’s Dancing Dress

Liesl’s Dancing Dress from Edelweiss Patterns

The pattern for Liesl’s Dancing Skirt was inspired by the scene where Liesl and Ralph sing and dance to the song, Going on Sixteen — one of my favorite scenes.

Liesl’s Dancing Dress has a fitted bodice with rows of ribbon around the gathers to help with the fitting. The sleeves are “billowy,” and fall to the elbow. Additionally, this dress has a full skirt with a lettuce hem edge, which is perfect for dancing.

The pattern shows this dress in a pastel pink because that is the color of Liesl’s dress in the movie, but I think it would look great in any color, even a dark blue or black.

I haven’t tried sewing any of the Edelweiss Patterns yet, but I’ll put up a post when I’m done. Based on the pictures, I imagine these patterns are intermediate to expert level.