Personalized Baptism Towel with CTR Shield

I recently bought an embroidery machine and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I made this CTR towel for my nephew’s baptism. It was a big hit. The towel has his name, baptism date, and a CTR shield embroidered on the front.


This was actually the first project I did with my embroidery machine, so it’s great for beginners. I bought a nice, white towel from Ross and then purchased the CTR shield embroidery file from TheEmbroideryDepot on Etsy. I used the preset letters in my embroidery machine for the name and date.

After some experimenting, I learned that it’s hard to embroider on terry cloth because of the pile. It really helps to use a water soluble stabilizer on the top because it keeps the loops on the towel from popping through the embroidery stitches. I used Sulky stabilizer on the top and a tear away stabilizer on the bottom.

CTR Shield Embroidery Design

I really like this CTR shield embroidery file because it has a two-color design. You can stitch the shield and letters in one color and the background of the shield in a separate color. I skipped the background color for this project because I wanted the white towel to show through. I used the 3×3 size.

My only complaint about this embroidery file is that it wasn’t perfectly centered in my embroidery hoop, although it was close. It didn’t matter much because I always do a test before using an embroidery file and I was able to adjust my project to make it centered. I still recommend the file because my baptism towel turned out great.

I don’t take orders for these baptism towels, but you can hire Ashley from MyPersonalizedPieces to do it for you. She’s very well priced, considering that you’d have to purchase a towel and the embroidery file to do it yourself.

Personalized Gift for Baptism