How to Save Money at the Fabric Store

Sewing is more than a hobby to many people — it’s a way to save money on clothing and home decor. We briefly discussed this in our article, Is It Cheaper to Sew Clothes than Buy them at the Store?, but thought you’d like to know some more specific ways to save money at the fabric store.

Wait to Buy Patterns Until They’re on Sale

When patterns aren’t on sale, they easily cost upwards of $15. Sure, that might be worth your money if you’re going to reuse it over and over again, but I still can’t bring myself to pay full price for one. If you have the time to wait, several fabric stores have sales where patterns are less than $2 a piece — that’s when I like to stock up.

Alternatively, you can find sewing patterns and tutorials on the Internet for a low cost, or even free. I’ve also found that online sewing tutorials are easier to follow than typical sewing patterns anyway, because they are usually accompanied by videos or step-by-step pictures. If you’ve never sewn anything before, I suggest that you start with online tutorials for this very reason.

Use Coupons at the Register

Another way to save money at the fabric store is to use coupons. Fabric stores often run ads that give you a percentage off your entire purchase price. Some fabric stores even have coupons that give you a large discount on a single cut of fabric. I make it a rule never to go to the fabric store without one of these fabric store coupons. It’s pretty easy to search for coupons on the Internet and then print them out before you go. Jo-Ann Fabric runs promotions like this all the time.

Buy Seasonal Fabric

Most fabric stores sell seasonal fabric at a discount. For instance, costume fabric usually goes on sale around Halloween and satin fabric goes on sale around prom time. You can also take advantage of the clearance racks at the end of a season because fabric stores want to quickly get rid of any seasonal fabric they still have in stock.

Browse the Remnant Rack

If you have a small project in mind that requires less than one yard a fabric, you can save a lot of money by picking up your fabric on the remnant rack. These remnants are small cuts of fabric that are too small to be left on the bolt by themselves. They are sold for anywhere from 20-50 percent off their original price.

Comparison Shop

Before you make any large purchase at the fabric store, you should do some price checking to make sure you are getting a good deal. This is easy to do with a bar code scanner on your cellphone. You can quickly look at the price of the same item at another retail store for comparison. If you find a better deal, you might even be able to convince the cashier to give you the same price. The technology is there, so why not use it?

These are the things I like to do to save money at the fabric store. Do you have any other ideas? Leave a comment below.

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  • Hazel Owens


    Currently, I haven’t gotten into sewing as much as I’d like to- I’ve just done little fixes here and there- largely because the fabric is so dang expensive! My daughter has been wanting me to make a dress for her for an upcoming daddy-daughter dance, so I’ll definitely be using your advice and checking out the remnant rack at the store! I hope I can find some patterns on sale too, or at least find some online coupons for my local store!

  • Georgia


    When you’re a quilter, always check the little rremand that are rolled or tied up. For quilting, sometimes you just need that smidge. LOTS of savings there, to me.

  • Ben Allen


    I appreciate the tips on saving money while buying fabrics. I feel like saving money on buying fabric is a lot like saving money on clothes at stores as well, browsing from the rack of things that might be leftover from seasonal things is something that can really save you money. My sister love to sew on her own and buy fabric, I will be sure to share this information with her.

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