Donate Your Old Sewing Machine to a Good Cause

When you buy a new sewing machine, don’t throw out your old one. Donate it to a good cause. There are plenty of people around the world who would love to have a sewing machine, even a used one.

If you’re interested in donating your old sewing machine, contact The Sewing Machine Project. They are an organization dedicated to collecting old sewing machines and distributing them to people around the world who are in need. The Sewing Machine Project has provided sewing machines to people in Sri Lanka, Mexico, New Orleans, and other areas that are either impoverished or have experienced a devastating natural disaster.

Many people rely on their sewing machine to make a living and to clothe their families. Help those who have lost their sewing machine due to a natural disaster or are in need of a better machine by donating your used sewing machine today. The Sewing Machine Project also accepts financial donations that go towards purchasing new sewing machines.

Click here to see a list of drop-off locations. Or, carefully package your old sewing machine and mail it to:

The Sewing Machine Project

112 Owen Road Box 6245

Monona, WI 53716

Another place where you can donate your old sewing machine is Sew Much Hope.

Donate Your Old Sewing Machine to the Sewing Machine Project

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  • Pat gettings


    I have a sewing machine Jones make that I will donate it is about 40 years old but very heavy . Really need someone who will pick it up can you advise
    Thanks Pat

  • Cara Stromness


    Hi Pat,
    Here is a link to all of the donation sites:

    If you don’t live near enough to any of these locations, you can ship it to:
    The Sewing Machine Project
    PO Box 6245>
    Monona, WI 53716

  • Carol Thomas


    Do they accept sergers? I looking to update and replace the one that I currently have.

    • Hi there! The Sewing Machine Project here! We recently stopped accepting sergers. Thank you so much for your interest!

  • Otieno Philip


    I work for an organization that work with young ladies who drop out of school and train them in IT and garment making skills in Kenya. the challenge we have is, we have so may participants and only 3 sewing machines to carter for them. i would like to request for donation of used machines towards this course especially embroidery machines.

  • Cara Stromness


    Otieno, I don’t directly accept donations for sewing machines, but you might be able to contact the Sewing Machine Project to see if they could help. Here’s a link:

  • Amy


    Does anyone know where I can donate a sewing machine that is in a cabinet?

  • Julius


    I m a 49yrs unemployed suffering man in SOUTH Africa. I would like to start my own small business of Sewing in my township. I would like to start it so that in the end I provide for my family that is suffering hunger. My email is:

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