Displaying Photos: 10 Picture Frame Arrangements

Every home needs to have photos — it’s essentially what makes a home unique and welcoming. This guide shows several different photo arrangements to help you come up with your own ideas for displaying photos in your home.

Picture Frame Arrangement #1

You can highlight one picture by putting it in a larger frame and then accenting it with smaller frames on the sides. I like how some of the frames are portrait and others are landscape — it really adds extra interest.

Picture Frame Arrangement #2

A lot of interest can be added to a room by covering an entire wall in picture frames. The following two photos show an eclectic mix of photos and frames that are placed on a wall randomly. Both the type of photo and the frames are mismatched. This is probably the easiest arrangement to pull off, but it can make a room feel very cluttered, so it is best done in large spaces.

Picture Frame Arrangement #3

The photo frames in this picture all have the same color trim, but they are all different sizes. This is a great way to make the eyes travel from one picture to the next. I like this photo frame arrangement in a hallway or on a long wall.

Picture Frame Arrangement #4

Another idea for displaying photos is to place them all in one frame. This is a great way to showcase a recent vacation or any other event. Some photo frames come premade with cutouts for you to insert photos.

Picture Frame Arrangement #5

This photo arrangement creates a symmetrical pattern with the frames. I love doing this type of photo arrangement because it basically is a work of art displaying a work of art. I like how the photo frames in the center have more than one photo in them, but the ones on the side only have one.

Picture Frame Arrangement #6

A lot of interest can be added to a room by choosing photo frames that are different sizes and shapes but are the same color. It is a great way to create a feature wall in a room.

Picture Frame Arrangement #7

Another way to create a photo arrangement is to hang matching frames in an unconventional way. This photo arrangement hangs pictures on the wall from wire.


Picture Frame Arrangement #8

To really create a statement in a room, you can paint one area of a wall a different color to designate a place for displaying photos.

Picture Frame Arrangement #9

For people who are a little more daring with their photos, hanging pictures at an angle is a great way to get people’s attention.

Picture Frame Arrangement #10

Creating a geometric pattern with picture frames that are all the same size and shape is a great way to balance a room. Since the fireplace in this room is centered and flanked by two windows, a symmetrical photo frame arrangement works very well.

So, what can be learned from all these picture frame arrangements? — There’s really no wrong way to display photos. You can use all of these photo arrangements for inspiration in your home.

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