After finishing my B.A. in English from the University of Utah, I pursued freelance writing and editing as a career. I enjoy learning about everything, but two of my favorite subjects to write about are sewing and crafts. I also do technical writing (business proposals, manuals, and trainings), as well as marketing copy and articles on a variety of subjects.

Personalized Baptism Towel with CTR Shield

I recently bought an embroidery machine and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I made this CTR towel for my nephew’s baptism. It

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Halloween Costume Mistakes

Stop Making These 4 Halloween Costume Mistakes

“Won’t somebody please think of the children!” Year after year I see kids running around in Halloween costumes that are frankly terrible! That’s why I’m

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Embroidery Flash Drive
Sewing Sewing Products

Cute Flash Drives for Your Embroidery Machine

I bought an embroidery machine this year and I’m loving it! I’ve embroidery names on towels and done all sorts of personalized projects. My machine

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Sewing Words That Are Fun to Say
Craft Business Marketing Sewing

33 Fun and Cute Words About Sewing

Sewing is full of cute words that are fun to say. My personal favorites are haberdashery, seersucker, and charmeuse. I also giggle every time someone

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How to Take Care of a Rotary Cutter Mat

How to Make Your Rotary Cutting Mat Last Longer

Rotary cutters and cutting mats are expensive. It’s hard to justify buying them when you can use a simple pair of scissors to cut out

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Patterns / Tutorials Sewing

Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

When you’re putting together Halloween costumes for your kids, don’t forget that they also need a bag or something to put their treats in. I just

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Sew Baby Burial Gowns to Donate

I came across an article today that made me cry. A Utah woman sews baby burial gowns and donates them to hospitals so that parents

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Sewing Scissors Vs. Rotary Cutter
How to Sew Sewing

Do You Use a Rotary Cutter or Just Sewing Scissors?

I was super excited when I bought my first rotary cutter and mat. I had lots of plans to cut out patterns at lightning speed

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It's Time to Upgrade to a Rotary Cutter and Mat
How to Sew Sewing

Sew Faster: Buy a Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat

Once you’ve mastered the basics of sewing, I suggest you invest in a rotary cutter and self-healing mat. These products aren’t sewing essentials, but they

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Fabric How to Sew

The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fabric

There are many different types of fabric on the market today, but each can be separated into one of three categories — natural, synthetic, and blends.

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