5 Interesting Fall Sewing Projects

This is a guest post from Annabelle Short.

Between the bonfires, s’mores, hot chocolate, holidays, and football season, I can hardly decide what is my favorite part about fall. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and all the trees are changing colors.

But, aside from all that is taking place outside, one of my favorite parts about fall is snuggling up under a warm blanket on a cool afternoon and working on a fall sewing project. There is just something especially relaxing about the atmosphere on a brisk day, the warmth of my sewing room, and the decorative clothing accessories that are just waiting to be created…

So, if you find yourself in the same position, here are some interesting fall sewing projects you can work on:

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Who says that Halloween is just reserved for small children? Turning my little pup into an adorable little dinosaur with a simple day’s worth of sewing is one of my favorite fall to-do’s!

It takes only a short amount of time — depending on the costume you choose — and it makes for some adorable fall pictures that all your fellow pet owners are sure to love. Plus, it can help keep your pet warm while out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with the kids or passing out candy from the front porch with you!

Tissue Box Holder

There are few things that I dislike about the cooler weather. But, it does bring about the occasional — and very much unwanted — cold or flu.

However, sewing a tissue box holder can at least make your days spent recovering from the common cold fashionable. And, if you are really in the fall spirit, use fall-colored fabric to also make the tissue box function as décor.

Textured Pillows

While the weather is cool, aside from cozying up in my sewing room, I love to cozy up in my bed.

And, extra pillows are always a bonus! Textured pillows make a great addition to your bed or just about any seating area in the house, turning it into a fashionable and cozy spot for you and/or your guests.

Teatime Towels

Anytime I am recovering from an illness, my go-to home remedy is a nice glass of hot tea.

And, a hand-sewn teatime towel is a perfect addition! Go ahead and sew a full set so that when you are feeling better, you can use them as an accessory for the next time you have tea with friends.

Fabric Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a great piece of décor for this time of year, but like any other food, they don’t last forever. But, a good fabric pumpkin does! Spend a day or two sewing some fabric pumpkins that you can use as home décor for years to come.

So, whether you are looking for home décor or a fun gift for your pet, this list of interesting fall sewing projects are sure to fit the bill!

What is your favorite fall sewing project? Share with us in the comments below.


About the author: Annabelle Short is a writer and a seamstress of more than five years. She loves making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). Annabelle likes to write about business, crafting and sewing, and parenting. She splits her time between London and Los Angeles and writes for Wunderlabel. You can visit her blog to learn more about her and her handmade creations.