Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids

4 Easy Bottle Cap Crafts for the Kids

This is a guest post from Angela Johnson.

Invite your friends and their kids, because it’s craft time! These crafts will entertain a variety of age groups and you will end up with fun badges, art, jewelry and magnets. The first two are great for younger kids while the last two are better suited for older children and crafty parents.  You can easily do all four during a craft party!

bottle caps

Half of these crafts require punching holes into bottle caps, so I recommend that you invest in a bottle cap hole-punch if you want to go the easy route. Or you can heat the back of the bottle cap with a lighter, and then stab it with something sharp (like a skewer.) First, gather some supplies. You will need bottle caps. They are easy to save from soda or beer bottles, but I like to buy them in cool colors and at a great price here, from HairBow Center.

Old-Fashioned Badges All Around

For this cute, kid worthy craft, all you have to do is punch two holes in the sides of the bottle cap so that you can put a safety pin through the holes. After you insert the safety pin you can have the kids draw on paper what they want to have inside the bottle cap. Then put a thin layer of glue inside the cap and press the paper in.

Get Artsy with Wall Art

This is the probably the easiest bottle cap craft of all. Tell your crafting buddies to bring a picture frame (I like stock up when I see them at thrift stores). Gather some buttons, glitter, coins, bottle caps, printed pictures and anything else that calls to you. Glue the pieces in a pattern, or just at random. It is great for decorating the kid’s bedrooms and around the house.

Beautiful Bottle Cap Jewelry and Magnets


This craft is for the older kids and the parents. It would be a hit with any child around ten years and older. For this craft you will also need Mod Podge, measuring cups, popsicles (or just the sticks), resin, items you want in the bottle caps, jewelry pliers (I love these from Wubbers), and a chain or string if making jewelry. If you want to make the magnets as well, buy some magnets and industrial style glue.

First, the jewelry makers will want to make a hole in the side of the bottle cap then thread the chain or string into the hole for necklaces or bracelets.

Second, find images you want to use that are about one inch wide. Cereal boxes, newspapers, and old hallmark cards you’ve received work wonderfully.

Now cut them out.

If you don’t have a one inch circle punch, you can easily trace a circle around the bottom of the bottle cap and cut it out, like the kids did for their badges.

Mod Podge the heck out of the paper.

Coat all sides of it so it doesn’t get stained from the resin you will be pouring in. While you wait a few minutes you can give the kids popsicles (with sticks) and tell them to keep the sticks when they are finished and cut one end straight. Put the paper inside the bottle caps, and layer on a little more Mod Podge.

bottle caps (3)
Image from Athena Workman (hers are cuter than mine!)

The next part is my favorite:  Once the Mod Podge is dry add more decorations! Add glitter, beads, 3-D paint, sprinkles or whatever your heart desires. Let everything dry completely.

Finally, it’s time to mix the resin!

Take everything outside along with your resin, measuring cups and Popsicle sticks with one end cut straight. Make sure you have enough fresh air, because this part can get stinky! Read the instructions on the resin box mix it and pour into the bottle caps.

Next, remove air bubbles by letting out a warm breath on them; the kids love this part!  You just have to let them dry overnight, add magnets or jewelry clasps, and you are done! Happy crafting everyone!


Angela Johnson loves writing, crafting with her daughter, and sewing everything from clothing to quilts. It’s more than a hobby to her; it’s a way of life! She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her family and three dogs.