Halloween Decorations

10 DIY Halloween Home Decorations

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Halloween DecorationsThe last day of October makes us excited because it’s another opportunity to get creative. It’s the perfect excuse to put on a costume, attend or organize a themed party, and to give your home a crazy makeover with some DIY projects.

We’ve created a list of special handmade decorations for Halloween that you can try to make. They are so easy and affordable. Even better, you can DIY with your kids. Let them have some fun learning. And, if you plan a big party, you can use some of these projects to scare your adult friends, too.

Toilet Paper Rolls Glowing with Multicolor Fluorescent Light

These rolls that remain from your toilet paper can be reused for a unique decoration perfect for a Halloween evening. Draw a pair of eyes, cut the cardboard and put inside some bright bracelets of different colors. You may already have this bracelets from a party you’ve been to, but you can also find a set of bracelets in different colors at an affordable price. If you live at the house, you can hide them into the bushes, but if you live in an apartment you can just put them on the window sill.

Balloons with Scary Messages

Another way for you to personalize your home or your garden is to draw some weird faces or messages on balloons. Find balloons of different colors and use a marker to draw your ideas. You can paint blood or some freaky eyes, you can write scary messages and you can or should let your imagination flow. You can then hook them to the chandelier in your room or in the middle of a tree in the yard. Or your neighbor’s yard!?

Blood Traces from a Horror Movie Scene

Use some spray (similar to the one you use on Christmas, but let it be bloody red) to leave traces on windows or mirrors. Your house will be like a scene from a horror movie. You can also buy some fake blood, it might help.

Spider Web Stuck on a Wall or All Over the Windows

For this DIY project you need a lot of patience, some adhesive tape, rope and some plastic spiders. Cut many pieces of tape, stick them directly on the wall and with the help of your rope, make a spider web. It will take some time, but you can also let it loose, it will seem more realistic.

Halloween Lamp and Canvas Lights

A lamp with vampire bats or ghosts will bring something different in your decorated house. It’s just that kind of thing that drives your thought directly to Halloween. Draw a vampire bat or any other scary object on a paper sheet (you can directly print it if you want), then cut the shape. Use small pieces of scotch on each wing and lightly stick it on the lamp. You just have to make sure they are not close to the hot bulb. Do not leave this decoration too much time. Keep it on while you have guests. It is better to prevent any unpleasant incident, so be cautious.

Entrance Door Decorated in the Spirit of Halloween

To frighten up your neighbors from the block, you can decorate your entrance door with different Halloween-specific symbols. There are many handmade projects you can do, from a pair of eyes glued to the door to something even more grandiose. You can buy a special Halloween door mat or recondition your old one with a scary message.

Pots and Containers of Painted Glass with Candles in the Interior

Using candles is one of the easiest ways to get a festive atmosphere, no matter the occasion. Add some jars you do not need anymore and let your creativity at work. Decorate the jars anyway you like, then put candles in. Use colored paper, paint them or use a permanent marker, you have lots of alternatives. Children will enjoy and have fun, and this way you can reuse all glass container you no longer need. If you choose to leave the lid, make sure you drill a few holes.

Creepy Silhouettes on the Bathroom Tiles or Stairs

You can surprise your friends with something new. You need black paper and double-sided tape and then you can find many silhouettes of animals, mice or spiders online. Just cut the shape and stick it anywhere you want: on the stairs, on the bathroom tile, on the wall etc.

Décor Items

You can also adjust your décor to enter the Halloween atmosphere using a few extra objects. If you have a chandelier, choose black candles. You can also put dried flowers in the vase or you can make an arrangement of black paper. If you have plenty of time, make a garland for the door, of leafs and dry flowers, with an element that will scare every guest. Of course, pumpkins should not miss, you can sculpt them in various forms.

Halloween Dinner

As for the Halloween dinner, put a platter of nuts and chestnuts in the center of the table, a candle in the middle and some worm-jellies around. For the main course, you can cook cheese with potatoes, sprinkle with tomato sauce. From the meat mix, you can give the shape of a mouse, which you will decorate with raw pasta. For the dessert cook biscuits decorated and glazed using food dyestuff. A tasty and good-looking cocktail would end it well. Your friends will be amazed!

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