Donate Your Old Sewing Machine to “Sew Much Hope”

Living conditions in some third-world countries are very poor. People often do not have a way to support their families financially. A sewing machine can change all that. Donate your old sewing machine and accessories to Sew Much Hope and it will go to a third-world family in need.

Sew Much Hope takes old sewing machines and outfits them for use in third-world countries. Some machines are modified to have hand cranks because not all areas have access to electricity. Other sewing machines are fixed up so that they work like new. If you don’t have an old sewing machine to donate, you can still help out with a cash donation. You can become a sponsor of a family in need through Sew Much Hope. Your sewing machine donation is also tax deductible.

You can donate any old sewing machine. It doesn’t even matter if the machine doesn’t work. Some old sewing machines are accepted simply for their parts. In addition to sewing machines, Sew Much Hope accepts donations of bobbins, needles, parts, and anything else related to sewing machines.

It’s easy to donate your old sewing machine. Simply box it up with bubble wrap and mail it to:

Eagle Condor Humanitarian
614 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Another organization that accepts old sewing machine donations is The Sewing Machine Project.

Can I Sell Crafts Made from Someone Else’s Pattern?

Your friends loved that cute bag you made for yourself and think you should make more and start selling them for money. But, you don’t know if you’re legally allowed to do this since it was made from someone else’s pattern. The answer isn’t always clear cut. You have to read the copyright disclosures on the pattern, and possible seek permission from the owner before making items for profit.

Look for Copyright Disclosures on the Pattern

The first thing you should do is look for copyright disclosures on the pattern itself. If the pattern says, “For Personal Use,” you’re not allowed to sell the items you make from it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a couple to give to your friends and family. As long as no money is exchanging hands, you’re well within your rights to use the pattern.

Some patterns say, “For Pocket Money.” This means you’re allowed to make a certain amount of items to sell from the pattern. Sometimes the pattern will restrict you to 100 items, and other times the amount will be unclear. If you want to create higher quantities, you need to contact the pattern publisher for permission.

If there is no copyright disclosure printed on the pattern, this does not mean that you can go ahead and use the pattern commercially. There is an implied copyright on all intellectual property. You must contact the pattern publisher for permission.

What If I Modify the Pattern?

You can’t simply modify the size and color to get out of a copyright notice on a pattern. If you’re using any part of the pattern, the copyright still applies. However, if you make enough changes to the pattern that it is no longer recognizable, you’re probably in the clear. Be sure that the pattern doesn’t have any specific copyrights on it, such as the way that certain notions are attached, etc.

If you ever have any questions about copyright, contact the pattern publisher. Some publishers will allow you to sell items from their patterns if you disclose that you’re using their pattern.

When Is New York Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week is held at the beginning of February and the beginning of September every year. Check out for the latest dates and an event schedule. for this year’s event.

How to Get Tickets to Fashion Week in New York

Unfortunately, Fashion Week is not open to the public. You can only get tickets if you’re a buyer, designer, or member of the press. Even then, you still have to be invited to attend an event. Of course, you might be able to pull a few strings to get into one of the bigger shows if you have celebrity status… yeah right!

You can always buy tickets to Couture Fashion Week to see up-and-upcoming designers. It will give you a small feel for Fashion Week. Couture Fashion Week is typically held during the same time as the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but it doesn’t get as much attention. Tickets start at $70 and go as high as $5,000 for a 3-day, VIP pass.

However, just because you can’t attend any of the runway shows in New York in person doesn’t mean you can’t see them. You can watch most of them live on the Internet. Just go to Fashion Week Online and watch for free.

How Did New York Fashion Week Get Started?

The first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943, but it was called “Press Week” back then. It was organized because designers were unable to travel to Paris and Milan because of World War II. In 1994, the event was moved to Bryant Park where the runway shows are held in a series of white tents. This still happens today, but there are rumors that it may move to Hudson Yards. According to The Guardian, 232,000 people attend Fashion Week each year.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is one of four major fashion shows around the world. The others include Milan, Paris, and London. An estimated $20 million is pumped into New York’s economy during Fashion Week alone each year because of the event. As you can tell, New York Fashion week is a pretty big deal.

Image via Flickr by Art Comments